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  • Mrs. Sylvia Klempfner (BOD) & Ms. Teresa Caprarella (Senior Property Manager)
    First Security Protection Services has been contracted as the security company for our condominium property since September 1, 2007. In dealing with them then, we have found employees of First Security to be conscientious , reliable, trustworthy and professional in dealing with the owners. The guards are on time for the start of their shift & follow their post orders diligently. When we have had a couple of concerns with a guards or the way an incident was dealt with. Dan Carpinisianu has always acted promptly and expeditiously to resolve the issue to our satisfaction. We definitely recommend them as a reliable security company and we have absolutely no problem in stating that they are defintely above many of the security companies out in the industry. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Mrs. Sylvia Klempfner (BOD) & Ms. Teresa Caprarella (Senior Property Manager)
    President/Treasurer & GPM Property Manager
  • Carmen Burns - Property Manager
    First Security Protection Services Inc. has been the Security Guards' Services provider at for our condominium property, since the very first day AA Property Management started managing this condominium building, on September 1, 2008. Your company's duties in the building include 24-hour concierge security services, nightly patrols and parking control. I would like to give your company a reference letter for the outstanding work the First Security Guards' Team has done at this property. We are extremely satisfied with your officers and most of all, your on-site supervisor. Over the past two years, our companies have build an excellent security-management relationship and I am convinced that going forward, together, we will play a significant role at making 7 Bishop Avenue Condominium a safe and more enjoyable place to live for all of our residents.
    Carmen Burns - Property Manager
    The Vogue Condominiums - MTCC 878
  • Devon Chin - Plant Manager
    In response to your request for a reference letter for First Security Protection Services, I am pleased to reply as follows: Turtle Island Recycling employed your security company, to protect our property, personnel and equipment since 1994. During First Security Protection Services' contractual employment here, we found your company to be very proficient and professional, while all of your staff has been capable and very protective of our premises. First Security Protection Services is necessary to our day-to-day operation providing us with security services around the clock. I am pleased to recommend First Security Protection Services to any organization.
    Devon Chin - Plant Manager
    Turtle Island Recycling
  • Florin Dragomirescu
    You have asked me to provide First Security Protection Services Inc. with a reference letter for the concierge service provided at for our condominium property. Your company has been at the building since May 2010. To this point the management is very satisifed with your security team and the timely manner in which your company looks after our condominium's security affairs and concerns. I would be more than happy to recommend your company to other organizations, who would be intersted in a quality security guard services provider.
    Florin Dragomirescu
    General Property Management
  • Mike D Duma
    Dan has outstanding organizational skills. He is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure.
    Mike D Duma
    E-Channel Networks
  • Alano Medonte
    Dan is a self starter and a go getter. He is an extremely fast learner and has great communication skills. Perhaps one of many reasons for his success as CEO of FSPS. Dan directly impacts the integrity of the corporation and the experience of his customers through creativity and commitment. Dan constantly demonstrates outstanding performance across all aspects of his multi-dimensioned role in terms of corporate practice, the ability to both conceptualize and apply company policies and procedures.
    Alano Medonte
    HP Storage
  • Valentin Coman
    Dan has exceeded expectations time and time again, by providing lucrative contracts and an amazing working environment.
    Valentin Coman
    Liquid String
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