Elevator Cameras

Our company provides Elevator Camera installation services for high-rise, industrial and commercial buildings within the Greater Toronto Area. First Security Protection Services Inc. technicians, in co-operations with our partner licenced elevator technicians may offer a cost effective solution, should the monitoring of the on-property lifts, be a concern of yours. Whether, you want a typical analog camera or a higher-end mega-pixel dome inside your elevator, we can work with your budget and present you with a few possible options. There are two main types of Elevator Camera Installations, wired and wireless, depending on your existing infrastructure and preferences.

Deter vandalism, trespassing and other criminal behaviour from your elevators!

Our CCTV Installation Services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Wireless Solutions for Elevator Cameras
  • Wireless Elevator Cameras may be installed in any elevator without the need to connect to various elevator mechanics and save the cost of running traveling cable. The image quality is not at all compromised, as First Security Protection Services Inc. guarantees the wireless transmittal of Real-Time HD quality video, up to 300 vertical meters. Get security and peace of mind, with a wireless video solution courtesy of First Security Protection Services Inc.
  • Wired Solutions for Elevator Cameras
  • From running the travelling cables, to making all the necessary connections at the elevator cab to obtaining a crisp image on your CCTV Monitor, our Elevator Camera Installers give you the comfort of knowing that your lifts are security monitored around the clock. The biggest cost of having Elevator Cameras installed on your property is running the travelling cables. By partnering up with various Elevator companies, First Security Protection Services Inc. can offer a superior installation service, backed up by a lengthy warranty, while passing significant cost-savings to the client. We offer fish-eye solutions, corner mounts, and dome cameras all in various sizes and at different picture resolution. For every complete Elevator Camera installation performed by our company, First Security Protection Services Inc. offers a minimum 3-year no-questions asked warranty to the client!

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