Our Company’s IT Department specializes in the installation and setup of new PC systems. This may be done as a completely new stand-alone system, or integrated onto an existing network.

First Security Protection Services Inc. technicians will provide clients with the best PC solution for their requirements, optimize the PC by running all Windows Updates, install all basic software (e.g. Adobe Reader, 7Zip, Antivirus etc.) install and setup local & network printers, setup e-mail client, configure an appropriate back up system and migrate files/folders from an older PC onto the new unit.

We will also upgrade the existing system’s hardware accordingly and solely as per the clients’ requirements. Services include installing graphic cards and setup for your system to view dual/multiple monitors. We also integrate back-up power systems to clients’ IT devices such as the installation of adequate uninterrupted power supplies (UPSs) to protect against power failures, power surges, which damage PCs, printers, routers, switches and other devices.

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