If your computer is not performing the way you feel it should, we can help. Perhaps your PC is plagued by blue-screen errors, screen freezes, abnormal shut-downs or even corrupted files. All of these symptoms may be indicative of failing hardware.

First Security Protection Services’ knowledgeable & friendly IT technicians will diagnose the cause affecting the troubled PC system and correct the underlying problem. This may very well include parts/components replacements or software repair/re-installation. We may recommend up front, given the age of an existing system, whether undertaking the work is worth the repairs’ cost.

Our company can help you with:

  • Hard Drive Replacements
  • Power Supply Replacements (Desktops & PCs)
  • Motherboard repair/replacements
  • CPU replacement
  • Cooling system repair/replacement
  • Memory Upgrade/replacement
  • LCD Screen replacements (Laptop, PCs & Tablets)
  • Keyboard replacement (Laptop & PCs)
  • Power Jack replacement (Laptop & PCs)
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